I’ve been writing this post since COVID-19 took over our world. This anxious pause has slowed my creativity down to a screeching halt. I am grateful that my immediate family has been in good health, safe at home. But this “new normal” (ugh I hate that word), just isn’t normal.

It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, trying to make sense of the unknown while trying to to simultaneously live and prepare for chaos.

We can’t control the unknown. So, I’m focusing on what I can control.

What do I need to make it through while it feels like the sky is falling down?!

These are in no particular order.

1. Two Cups A Day

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I’m having 2 cups of coffee. . . whatever, with no guilt. #cmoncoffee #cmontea The end.

2. Green Smoothies

I freeze batches of spinach and kale. I’m making my green smoothies with as much real lemon juice as I can spare. Green smoothie power activate!

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3. Scripture + Prayer

I’m done with the news. If there’s something I must know, hubs will tell me. Too much news can quickly make you feel like things out of control. But I know who is in control…God! So I make sure I read scripture daily to keep my spirit in tack.

Every morning I read a devotional. I just love it. It’s the most important part of my morning routine! Starting my day with God’s word gets me in the right frame of mind.

4. Get some LIGHT

Real Sunshine or The Happy Light, by any means necessary get some light. Vitamin D is essential. If the suns out, I try to sit in the sunbeam in the morning for as long as I can. I do my best to get outside at some point during the day.

If it’s gloomy out, then, one 20 minute sitting with my happy light has to go down, preferably with my first cup. #cmonlight

5. Music + Dance Parties

Music can change your mood, take you back in time, or take you away.

Music is life.

Alexa, the girl, and I are blasting all the jams. Ol’ school v. new school, jazz, country, soul, reggae, gospel. Whatever hits my spirit and touches my soul. Whatever makes me smile. #musicislife #cmonalexa #letitbreathednice

6. Detach from Devices + Sound

It’s information overload. It’s loud. Loud because the girl is home. Loud because hubs is using his grown-man-voice on day long conference calls. Loud because life now requires technology consumption from all angles in order to communicate.

The dishwasher is always runny. The washer and dryer are always twirling. The kid is always overflowing with chatter and energy. It’s noise overload.

Shut it all off. Put the phone down. Peace be still. A little peace can go a long way.

7. Treat Yourself

A new nail polish, ice-cream, a magazine, a chip, a chocolate chip…you need something… anything on deck for those tough days.

Permission granted to get a lil’ something-something to make it through these hard days. Go ahead and add some flowers to your cart!

8. Get Creative

If you are up to the task of using your thinking brain, create something. Maybe it’s a new recipe (you have to cook anyways). Dust off your knitting needles or your sewing machine. Sketch, doodle, or color. Or maybe, just take a moment to write down all the ideas floating around in your head.

Personally, I’ve really been struggling with my creativity during all of these. I know what to feel so, my passion is muted.

It’s always time to cook, to clean, to teach the girl, pay the bills, make sure the senior citizen has everything he needs. Let’s not even talk about disinfecting and wiping down the groceries!

I’m mentally tapped from juggling all the roles and online carts. The wife mom is taaaad! Sheesh!

Just fact that it’s been three months since I drafted this blog post is a testament. I’ve decided that’s ok. It’s okay to give yourself grace when the world is upsidedown. My life is not yours and yours is not mine. You simply have to do the best you can do for you!

I find when I operate in that space, the space where I don’t worry about why I’m not being creative; Why I’m not working on that next big thing. . . that’s when it reactivates. My creativity turns on like little firecrackers. Boom! My pen can’t keep up with my ideas.

Besides gracefully ignoring my thoughts to create creativity, I’ve found that actually making something works too. It can be as small as a graphic or as big as a painting. Sometimes it’s cleaning or organizing. Piddling with mindless things that give me a sense of satisfaction awakens my creative juices for bigger projects.

Creativity is hopeful.

And I don’t know about you but hope is something I really need to hold onto right now.

9. Clean + Declutter

A clean and decluttered space will always create joy. Tackle an annoying small project to get a sense of accomplishment.

In my case, it was my nightstand that was out of control! (Not in the picture are the 6 half-drunken water bottles. Just ridiculous!) I don’t even know how long it was out of control. I just kept dreading it and putting it off. It took less than 15 minutes to to declutter.

The dread was way worse than the deed.

Something, that once annoyed me every time I was in bed, is now in order and inspiring. Mental clutter, gone! I can find my earbuds, my nighttime dental floss, and lip balm! My crystals have a home. I even added Papyrus gift wrapping paper to line the drawer. This is a whole cr8joi moment for me.

What ONE annoying thing can you tackle that will bring you joy and peace? If I can do it, you can do it too!

10. Take a Bath

When all else fails, take a long hot bath. Lock the door. Turn out the lights. Light your candle. Load the tub up with whatever you’ve got- Epsom salts, bubbles, essential oils.

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Close your eyes and let all the worries soak away. Sometimes I envision my worries going down the drain. It gets the worry monkeys off my back for a while.

As the world reopens and tests the waters, the fear of the unknown and cases will rise again. So I’m intentionally implementing all of the above until further notice.

What about you? Do any of these ideas resonate with you? What are you doing to make it through the Corona-craziness?