So you are trying to figure out how to have a good week?

I hate to break it to you but having a good week is totally up to you and God. 

But I do think I’ve learned the secret sauce to setting yourself up to have a good week, and it boils down to 4 things. 

This my friend is how The Sunday Cr8joi Check-In was born. 

Every Sunday around 8 pm-ish on Instagram, I post a series of questions and ask, are you in position to cr8joi this week?  It’s called The Sunday cr8joi Check-In.

I noticed a pattern in my weeks.

If I did not have some level of preparation in my life, the week just spiraled out of control.

It was like rolling out the wrong side of the bed late and immediately stubbing my toe…for seven days. 

Straight brutal. So, I narrowed it down to the following pain points:

1. Is the laundry under control?

Get all the laundry washed, folded, and if possible put away to start the week off with a fighting chance.

I try my best to wash daily and keep the laundry under control.  

By the time the weekend rolls around, there are still piles, usually linens and towels and items that require special care. 

So, I try my best to knock out the laundry before the new week rolls in. 

It really makes a difference. 

If you’ve ever had to dig into a basket of folded clothes for those special socks when you should already be out the door, then you already know. (Crazy emoji face!)

2. Do you have groceries on deck?

Weekend carry-outs are lovely and so is skipping that long trip to the grocery store, until there’s nothing to eat come Monday. 



And dinner. 

(Snacks! Don’t forget the snacks!  The people stay hungry!)

They are not going away. 

And there’s only so much eating out one’s stomach and budget can take. 

Get some groceries in the house, the second fundamental of The Sunday cr8joi Check-In.

3. Have you prepped or organized anything for the week?

Sometimes weekends turn into project/weekend warrior mode. 

When they do, you totally deserve that YES! 

Cleaning a closet, prepping lunches or meals for the entire week, purging piles, making headway on work project, making a dent in something is surely one way to make the upcoming week just a little better.

Depending on how long you’ve procrastinated to finish this project.  Or how long the prep and organizing took, this question can hold a lot of weight!

For example, tidying up the shoes by the back door is an accomplishment.  But tackling organizing the garage can trump all the questions.  

So that one YES for prepping and organizing your garage, would outweigh all the other No’s. 

Prepping and organizing are proven ways to start your week off right!

4. Did you have any fun, fun?

I know somebody read that as a typo.  But this one is intentional. 

Did you have any real fun?  Fun, fun? This one always gets me. 

I kept thinking if all I do is chores and prep for the week, I am definitely not happy. 

If I am not happy, then I’m certainly not in a position to create joy and have a good week. 

You know how the saying goes, all work and no play . . .

The built in guaranteed fun that came so easy in my 20’s, requires planning preparation, and thought now. 

( I know you didn’t think I was going to just blurt out my age!) 

What can we get into? 

Do we have a sitter or are we doing a family thing? 

Checking yes for fun fun has been much harder than it seems. 

But knowing I’m going to have to answer this question helps me to try to balance my weekends better.

And just like the previous garage example, if you have fun, FUN then that will outweigh No’s on all the other questions.  

You took that mini-weekend getaway.  

Or, you chilled and laughed all weekend and watched movies with kids with popcorn and pizza.  

That’s a big ol’ Y-E-S for fun, FUN.

Since living and creating joy is the whole point now isn’t it?


The Sunday cr8joi Check-In has been the pillar of the growing cr8joi community.  

So many of us are connected over how we are doing over these four simple questions.  


Either way, knowing we are not alone in our quest to have a good week creates joy!

For me, if I can get a YES on 3 out of 4 questions then I am in position to #cr8joi and have a good week. Or if I get a YES in fun, FUN then I’m winning!

I have a feeling Sunday check-in’s are going to become a ‘thing.’ So don’t forget you saw The Sunday cr8joi Check-In  here first from @Mrs. Cr8 of

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If you participate in the cr8joi Sunday Check-In, what do you like about it?  What is it doing for you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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