I don’t know about you, but the pick-up line can feel like such a time waster. At some schools you need to get there 20-60 minutes before dismissal just to get in the parking lot. That’s a lot of dead space, too much for me. Here are the seven ways I’ve learned how to fill the time while waiting in the pick-up line:

Podcast on a car radio

1. Learn Something New

Watch a podcast or a YouTube video. Pass the time by filling your brain up. Personally, I enjoy podcasts.  Just open up the podcast app on your phone and search for a topic that interests you. When you fill your mind up on the right things, you keep your mindset and in check. Just sayin’ because I know!

2. Peaceful Planner Time

I’m a paper planner girl  so just having an moment to ACTUALLY LOOK at my planner and THINK about what’s coming up, and what I need to do- is time well spent. The same can apply to my digital planning friends. Look at your planner people!  Do a brain dump!  Gather your thoughts.

happy planner in car with a hand

3. Pray + Meditate

Read a devotional. The Bible App has so many to choose from. Find the word right on your phone, or, bring your Bible and a journal. You can also listen to some good Gospel or Christian music. Whatever mode connects to your spirit, do that.

4. Clean Up

Keep a container of Clorox wipes in the car like me. Wipe down the dash board and cup holders. Gather up the trash. I have a plastic bin that I use as the trash can. I also try to keep a few extra grocery bags in the pocket behind my seat. By the time you kid comes out, the car is clean! Boom!

Clorox wipe on steering wheel

5. Order Groceries Online

Personally, I use Kroger Clicklist. $4.95 for somebody to shop for me, it’s totally worth it! I have the app on my phone and add the items we need to my cart when I think of them. I also add my meal plan ideas, lunch, and snack items for the girl (as I remember or we run out). 

6. Order All the Online Things

Amazon dot com it up boo! I have a running list in my planner of items to order for my Dad and our household. The pick up line is a great time to add to my cart! (As for ordering the things that are in my bajillion carts, that’s a whole other blog post.)

7. Enjoy your Mom Bag

The solitude of the car pick-up line is a perfect for digging into you Mom Bag.    Check out this blog post to find out exactly what you need to have in your Mom Bag.

8. Do Nothing

Be at peace. Be still! (That means turn the radio OFF! If you can, roll the window down. Be still, sip some water, and let the breeze blow. Enjoy the calm before the storm!

Let me know if any of these ideas help you to #cr8joi while waiting in the pick- up line.


Revised on 9/27/2022